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I have been reading about the BBC plans for “Britain in a day” which will take place across the nation on 12th November.   On that day, Ridley Scott and director Morgan Matthews invite everyone to capture the reality of their day and to upload it to YouTube.  They intend the resulting film and online archive to be a powerful and moving snapshot of the UK today.  It will be premiered in cinemas and broadcast on BBC2 for a general audience, ahead of the London Olympics.

What would the nation see if I filmed one of our typical Saturdays – me waking up too late, shock-haired, and throwing a belated breakfast at the children?  Me, sneaking out in my pyjamas to grab the Saturday paper, hoping against hope that no-one sees me?  Me squealing at the children to get away from the TV and head outside?  Me screaming at the children that maybe they should come back inside and do some homework?  My husband and I clutching a glass of wine at the end of a long day and watching something very middle-aged on telly.  Is this something I really want to share with the nation?  Of course, we do often attempt day trips and other excitements on Saturdays, but I am not sure anyone else at the theatre/museum/stately home or wherever would want to be filmed.

That said, as a project it does sound fun.  And this particular 12th November we will be in the process of moving house.  So maybe the journey between our new home and our old one could form part of our “Britain in a Day”.  We could at least try to capture the upsides of shifting and not the horrible stressful downsides – the children each finally getting their own bedroom, for example, and the joy that will (hopefully) bring.

The details for getting involved are here:  What would your Britain in a day show?

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17 responses to “My Britain in a day

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  1. My Britain in a day will show what I normally do on a Saturday. The film will show why what I do on a Saturday is important too me. I do video blogs so I am used to talking to a lens like it is a person. I hope that the pictures will show what I want them to say. I always visit a friend on a Saturday and I want to show the importance of friendship with out having to say too much.

  2. PS. I just ask the person I visit to do and say what he would do and say normally when I visit him.

  3. I am going to do what I normally do on a Saturday and visit a friend. Friendship is important to me and i hope the videoo will reflect this.

  4. Saturdays for me…I run Ellesmere Rangers Girls U13 football team (Shropshire FA league) and Saturdays is always full-on busy. After waking and chivvying along my player/daughter Poppy we travel to the ground. We like to arrive 1/2 hr before the game. The girls warm up, usually by Chatting!, then we play our best and enjoy the game. The girls are great and have come on a long way in the last year or so.
    Many of them have learnt new skills and just want to play, but win if possible!

    I am also a Tree hunter.
    This Saturday I will also go out Tree hunting around Shropshire. looking for more amazing Ancient Trees.

    I have been a volunteer with the Woodland Trust Ancient tree hunt project for 7 years now, finding some trees that are well over 1,000 years old. I have been filmed by BBC Countryfile 3 times. Once hanging off a cliff abseiling with James Wong tv presenter. My latest Countryfile piece was filmed with the lovely Julia Bradbury! WoW! Tough work but someone has to do it!

    The UK has about 70% of the ancient tree of northern Europe so we are so lucky to have these great Green Monuments on our doorstep.
    Here are some of my great ‘finds’…

    and here is my MOST embarrassing vid on youtube!

  5. We’ll be taking part tomorrow and like many parents with boys across the nation, we’ll be pitch-side watching our little chaps play football. After that it’ll be down the market for fresh veg and the rest of the day, well who knows… What I do know is that it’ll be great fun to be involved, whether or not we make the final cut, days come and go, many blur into each other. Yet in a few years time, what seems like a regular old day today, will be the stuff of sentimental memories and smiles.

  6. I had made plans for the day to see my daughters and video the day but I just couldn’t get them inspired, so I am videoing my normal saturday which is like every other day, I suffer from depression and chronic fatigue so my life has come to a standstill while I beg for support for help.
    so I shall just film my uninspired life at the moment.
    I think it will reflect how disjointed life is, especially mine.

  7. how do we load our film carnt find a place on the youtube page

  8. Am not an expert, but I think it is the SUbmit Your Video” button on this page:

  9. heres what i did on 12/11/11

    more from us at

  10. I love the way that that specific day just happened to be the day that England beat world champions Spain at wembley. Looking forward to seeing videos related to that!

  11. Has anyone heard anything more? Or having their footage be used?

  12. Hi, yes someone WAS filming the game…moi… and saying beforehand how badly England were going to get beaten :-) . I think BIAD is just using my bit with the national anthem?

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